Manicure Starter Set, 48W UV/LED Lamp + Mini Moulder, 3x Hybrid Varnish, Base, Top – Your Nails Studio Starter Set

The perfect kit for someone who wants to start their hybrid adventure.
  • Q7 48W UV/LED lamp
  • Handheld milling machine + set of cutters
  • 3 ProHybrid varnishes
  • Base and Top coat
  • Acetone and Cleaner

Acrylgel Flexy Gel Set for Hybrid Extensions, Building Gel, Acrylgel 30g / 50ml

From now on, a manicure of the nails will become pure pleasure. Start your adventure with the kit CLAVIER FLEXYGEL. Shorten the application of gel to a minimum. Save your time and money. Curable with LED/UV lamps, FlexyGel outperforms any nail design method available.
  • CLAVIER FLEXYGEL - buildable gel 30g
  • CLAVIER LIQUID - 50 ml
  • RESOLVED CLIPS (2 pcs.)
  • SLIP cup
  • Nail extensions template (10 pcs)

Clavier H!brid Start Kit Hybrid Lamp Q7 48W

The perfect kit for someone who wants to start their hybrid adventure.
  • 40 items included!
  • Q7 48W UV/LED lamp
  • Hand milling machine + set of cutters
  • 5 H!brid hybrid varnishes
  • Acetone, Cleaner and more

Clavier Q5 MAX – Branded 80W UV/LED lamp

The perfect kit for someone who wants to start their hybrid adventure.
  • Q5 MAX 80W UV/LED lamp, up to 45 diodes
  • 3 H!brid hybrid varnishes + BASE AND TOP
  • Acetone and Cleaner
Equipment for Nail Design
  • Equipment for Nail Design

LED UV Lamp – CLAVIER – Q1 for Nails, Hybrids, Gels 48W

High power 48W (30 diodes!!!) to guarantee the durability of your hybrids. Dual curing DUAL UV/LED in the 365nm and 405nm wavelength range. Motion Sensor,Timer, White Light.

Milling machine – 65W – for Manicure, Nails, Pedicure DM-202

The milling machine is suitable for professional use in beauty salons as well as for use at home.

Nail milling machine 65W, manicure PRO ZS-711

Thanks to its simple operation, small size, careful workmanship and, most importantly, failure-free performance, this milling machine is a pleasure to work with. Clear Display - the highly visible display allows you to set the speed precisely, which makes work much easier.
Gel Nail Polish
  • Gel Nail Polish

Nail Polish ProHybrid No. 113 – Garden Latte

With ProHybrid CLAVIER hybrids you will give your nails intense colour and a beautiful long-lasting shine. The perfect medium-thick consistency of CLAVIER hybrid polishes allows for easy application. Find your favourite colour and enjoy beautiful nails for up to 3 weeks.

Make Up

Equipment for the beauty salon
  • Equipment for the beauty salon

Ring Light – LED 12.2″ RAINBOW – RGB, 16 colour modes + Tripod


* 16 colour changing modes of RGB lighting controlled by remote control. * high colour rendering index which softens the light source and improves skin tones in portrait photography. * very low power consumption, lamp powered by USB

Make-up Ring Light – XXL 46cm! 55W + accessories

The LED ring light is ideal for face and small object photography and macro photography. The lamp ensures long-lasting trouble-free operation and excellent colour reproduction. The use of ring lights by make-up artists is also popular.

Lamp – Mini Ring LED 10″ (25cm), ring, mobile (USB)

Mini Ring Light (ring light) 10″(25 cm). Mobile lamp powered by USB input. Power adjustable by remote control, full range of lamp adjustment due to unique ring head.

Lamp – Dual Led GLAM Make Up, Eyelashes, 40W

Professional flexible make-up lamp made of lightweight aluminium, characterised by perfect light emitted by 192 LEDs. Two heads placed on flexible arms guarantee optimal illumination from all sides with shadow-free light.
Anti Covid
  • Anti Covid

Disposable protective mask – 1 pc.

Provides respiratory protection against harmful airborne substances, bacteria and viruses. Thanks to their high air permeability, they allow easy breathing.

Goggle type protective visor – reusable face shield

It is a necessary prophylactic product reducing the risk of direct contact with various droplet-transmitted microorganisms in your environment, e.g. when sneezing or coughing. It is a great complement to the protective mask, covering not only the mouth and nose but also the eyes.

Antibacterial hand disinfectant gel MediSterill 73% alk., 250 ml

  • 73% alcoholic content, coronavirus inhibitor, bacteria, fungi, viruses
  • Medical preparation in gel form,registered
  • for hygienic hand disinfection, without rinsing

Antibacterial spray for disinfection of hands, skin and surfaces – MediSterill – 100 ml, 73% alkali, spray

A biocidal preparation against bacteria, viruses and fungi. For hygienic disinfection of hands, surfaces and tools. Does not require additional cleaning - just spray the disinfected surface.


everything you need
Kępki Rzęs

Eyelash tufts

One of the most popular tufts on the Polish market.

Rzęsy do przedłużania

Eyelashes for extensions

Eyelashes are of perfect porosity, durability of application.

Akcesoria do rzęs

Eyelash Accessories

Applicators, Brushes, Tweezers, Adhesives, Eyelash Gel Flakes

Lampy UV

UV/LED lamps

Branded UV/LED lamps for Hybrids. Double wave range.

Frezarki do Manicure

Manicure trimmers

Branded Hybrid Milling Machines. High power and reliability.


Accessories for Hybrids

Files, polishing pads, decorating brushes, absorbers…


Hybrid Varnishes

Superbly opaque Luxury Hybrid Varnishes.

Pędzle do Makijażu

Make-up Brushes

Make-up brushes, in case, blenders. Various types.